What is GKR Blogger?

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What is GKR Blogger? It is a friendly community of bloggers. In this post I tell you what GKR Blogger offers you and how you can join. Enjoy reading,

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Hi everyone,

If you are coming back to this site regularly you probably noticed a badge on my front home page. That badge indicates that I am a verified user of GKR Blogger. It is time to explain to you what it means. First I will tell you what is GKR Blogger. Then we will talk about why you should join GKR blogger and how to go about it.

What is GKR Blogger?

I would describe GKR blogger as a community of bloggers. They aim to create a big blog directory. It is based on a cross-promotion of content between people in the community. If you are looking for a lot of traffic for your blog then this is where you should look.

What does GKR Blogger offer?

The platform offers many different services and opportunities. If you are just a beginner looking for some basic advice on blogging the community facebook group has you covered.

As stated earlier if you look for traffic from all over the world just share a link to your blog and many people will gladly read what it is about. It does not even matter what topic you cover.

They made it super easy to submit the blog post directly to their website Gkrblogger.com. You can submit posts by email. This video describes the process.

GKR blogger also offers an opportunity for you to place your ad on their website. This is a paid service but it works well to bring more people to your blog. I would suggest you look into it if you are offering services with your blog. How to get in touch with the community>?
join the Facebook group.
Find GKR blogger on Instagram and Twitter.

My offer to blogging community

If you would like to write your content in English I can help you fix grammar and spelling errors. When the text is not easy to read Google might not like to put it in search results.

I also offer blogging tips and experiences so that you do not make the same mistakes I did.

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    1. They are helpful, they promote your blog to the other members of the community. What is your blog about? Maybe I can help you too

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