UK, 5G is coming

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As the news about the 5G cellular network keeps swirling around me, I supposed this would be available sometime later than in just a couple of months time due to safety concerns. In reality, it looks like the UK might be the first Europen country to enjoy the speed and convenience of this new generation of the cellular network. It is being offered for as little as £30. I have no reason to suppose, that such a price would be affordable for all people, but it is similar to a plan which includes unlimited text messages and phone calls. It would be fair to expect that those who already have almost unlimited plans would be the first ones to adopt the 5G. I understand that the internet over the 5G network will be significantly faster, but I still think that it is not necessary.
LTE really suffices for my needs when I am abroad. At home, I am using mostly Wi-FI.

There is also no indication, who would be the provider of the 5G technology in use.

Are you excited for the 5G revolution?

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