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Private mentoring

Do you need someone to help you build confidence? Do you need someone to listen to you and provide useful feedback? These are one on one online sessions and everything that we discuss is strictly confidential. Meaning none will ever know what we talked about. What matters the most to me is that I get to help someone in need.

Life coaching

These online sessions are focussed on self-improvement. We live busy lives and everyone seems to be concerned with productivity and effectiveness. The aim of my life coaching sessions is to provide a clear understanding of what it means to have a successful life full of experiences.

Public speaking

As I am disabled with Cerebral Palsy I have a fair share of experiences which I believe are worth sharing. So that those who listen would be informed about how to help people with various disabilities and how to make sure that everyone is comfortable. It is strange when I see people scared to talk. It seems to me many people do not know how to treat someone who looks or acts differently from themselves. In these public speaking sessions, I will provide some basic examples and will give participants an opportunity to ask me questions.


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