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Welcome to the first part of a series of posts related to creating SEO friendly blog. Obviously, we need to start with the web address where people will find your blog.

 When it comes to picking a good domain there are many questions you might be asking yourselves. I am here today to help you answer them

What is a domain?

A domain is closely related to the web address. To explain this let me take the example of this website. The whole web address is https://Pavelzah.com out of this the https:// indicates that the website is secured by the certificate called SSL. The next part of the address -Pavelzah is the actual domain and .com is an extension. The web address is also often referred to as URL.

The domain providers like Namecheap offer you a chance to search so that you can see which domain and extension is already taken and which is available

Search and buy domains from Namecheap

What domain should I choose?

When I started my blog I did not make up my mind about what topics I want to focus on. So I decided to go for the address which reflects my name. The name which all my friends know and it makes sense to use that as my personal blog.

I would recommend you making the decision on the domain and the focus of your blog before you go and invest in it.

The best route to take would probably be using WordPress to start on a free domain and later transfer all you wrote to the new one once you buy it


Why should I choose a paid domain?

1You advertise your provider without getting paid for it

The domain name includes the name of the provider. For example, my website on free hosting would look like something like this wordpress.pavelzah.com. I do not know about you but I think this does not look as good.

 2) It is harder to find your site.

 Some of my friends complained to me that they were unable to post their links on Facebook. Most often than not this issue concerns pages in this format „something.blogspot.com“ It seems like facebook does not trust these sites and checks them before allowing them to be shared.

If you want to avoid the hustle of asking for approval to post on Facebook, stay away from free domains. 

Closely related to this is the fact that these pages are also not on top pages of search results because people do not look for them. The more people see your site and share it, the better is your position in search results 

 3)It is cheap to start if you plan on working with it.

 With a domain provider like Namecheap, they now offer 90% off! .xyz domain at only $1! You can also get your .com for just $8.88 with Namecheap
These offers are really cheap if you consider that the price is for a whole year of renting the domain

if you are looking for a cheap business domain, Namecheap offers $250 off the price of .inc domain
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Things to avoid when creating a domain name

1)Long name

The reason to avoid such a domain is to make sure that it is easy to remember and not so hard to copy down. You want people to remember it at come back often. Having a long domain name would be counter-intuitive

 2)Confusing name

if you have a domain name that is not clear to the readers it may be tricky to get the readers to come back because they will not remember exactly what was the name of your page.

 3) Name too similar to your competition –

this is more of a preventive measure in case you want to use some form of ad network like Google Adsense. It kind of seems like you would want to use the fame of another popular website to gain the following for your own. That is not nice and it causes problems for all parties involved

 4)Names containing bad words

If your domain name contains a swear word or anything offensive some people will likely not see your blog due to content restrictions or general filters put in place to protect minors. This also affects some forms of advertisement. The general rule for good traffic to your website is to always have family-friendly content which starts with the domain name.

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