Note from another Galaxy, 10th edition

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Hi everyone,

as some of you might be aware Samsung officially announced some new hardware on the 7th of August.

Galaxy-branded devices

In yesterday's event in New York Samsung introduced the following.

1)Two versions of Galaxy note

2)New smartwatch

3)New ultra-thin notebook

Galaxy note - smartphone for creative gamers

You might consider the title of this paragraph slightly odd but it describes the general feeling I get from the presentation. In baseball terms, we could say that Samsung is attempting to hit a home run with all bases loaded.

Galaxy note for creatives

a) advanced optical stability

b} ability to edit videos inside of the phone.

c}3D scanning

scan and control objects. These said objects are also able to be said to mimic the movement of a human. Does not matter if from a video or our standard surroundings

c)S pen

Handwriting to a standard text.
Motion tracking - gesture-based controls for the phone.
Advertised very long battery life.


Galaxy note for gamers

a) unique cooling solution

b) overclocking boost for your game

c) integration with discord


All I care about

Quite honestly there was so much more said and shown in the event. But for what I care about, for me, this whole event was just about the Note 10

I did not give much attention to the Smartwatch for the clear reasons discussed in my previous post. I have yet to find a legitimate reason someone would desperately need a smartwatch in their life.

As for the part about a notebook, the short answer is: I do not really care. I believe that this is not going to be powerful enough to justify the cost of $1k

When it comes to the lineup of Notes I listed just the functions I find appealing. There is nothing too spectacular about any of it.

The most unique part is the S-pen.

Even as I am imopressed with the display size and the overall usefulness of the device I would recommend holding off on buying after the preorders. As it often is with preorders, there is some "early adopter tax" and the phone will get cheaper soon.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments

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