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Review of IT
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The representative of IT Enterprise reached out to me and asked if I can include them in my upcoming post. So since they were the only ones who reached me, this post is going to be all about IT enterprise.

What does IT Enterprise offer?

I believe it is clear from the name of the company that they offer some kind of enterprise solution. The IT Enterprise offers a variety of services related to digital transformation.

IT Enterprise tailor maid solutions

the company focusses its efforts on helping startups and enterprises with software development and use of machine learning and other cutting-edge technology

What I think of their offers


1)Adaptable to the needs of the customer

I feel like there are too many offers which seem to imply that one size fits all. Meaning that one particular solution is good for everyone. I admire the approach that IT Enterprise takes because they understand that every business is different. Furthermore, they know that needs of companies difer based on how much big the company is. Hence they have offers specifically for startups. 

2)Scalable solutions for big enterprises 

By the nature of working with tailor-made software, it is very flexible and adjustable to the needs of the growing company. If you run business big or smaller, there is always something they can offer you.

3)Well explained terminology 

IT Enterprise makes good use of the website. They make sure that all the potential customers clearly understand what they are getting themselves into. Their blog clearly outlines the benefits of a focus on digital transformation. Furthermore, they help you see, how the new technology transforms other businesses

4)Well organized pages

Every page of the IT Enterprise website is well thought out and organized in a way easy to read. This means that you are also never far away from someone who can help.


I believe that IT Enterprise as a company knows well that they have nothing to hide. Their website tells you everything you need to know. Services and all that is included in them. Prices of each service and all the steps that it takes until the product goes live. Other businesses could take this as a great example. 

I have seen many times just a button stating “contact us to get a quote” this would put me off right away because I would think that I am getting into some kind of a shady business. It is good to be upfront about offers and prices. 

6)Mobile-friendly website

The IT Enterprise website is a great example of how the business should prove to people that they can do what they claim. I say that because in their section with services for startups they offer guides for SEO and other important things. If you are starting your business go look at their tools and resources for startups

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1)High upfront cost

The only downside to the IT Enterprise services I could find is the high cost of the service. You need to pay for the service before you get to use it .This practice makes total sense to me. You cannot get a free trial of the software before you buy it because it is a custom software solution. 

There are phases of development leading to the go-live period. In these preparation phases, you can make sure that the system works exactly the way you want.


I would recommend the services of IT Enterprise to all of you who are serious about running an online business. They offer exceptional services at a quality which you can control.

Go to their website and consider their offer for your business

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I did not make this review in exchange for financial support from IT Enterprise. I have no affiliation with them

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