IBM Coach Advisor deployed at US Open

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Hi everyone,

today I am going to share with you the latest development in the use of artificial intelligence and statistics. This use-case in relation to one of my favorite sports. The latest tool IBM calls the Coach advisor is here to help the coaches and also us spectators gain valuable insight into the performance of a tennis player.

Those of you who are sports fans like me and follow tennis have likely noticed that IBM provides statistics through what they call IBM Slam Tracker.

The statistics portal is now utilizing some of the data from the Coach advisor project.
As a sports fan, I am excited to see that the experience is going to evolve.  There is going to be some more statistical data, that fans and tennis coaches will be able to work with.

IBM provides a new set of data

The data collected with this new AI-powered system will help both the spectators and coaches. We as spectators will better understand how hard it is for the body of a tennis player to exert him/herself to the best level of performance. Something we could guess only from the amount of sweat dripping off of the player’s face. Now we can see exactly how much the player had to do during the game.

I know that stats are not everything but it is fun to see if the numbers were true or not. All this data available at our fingertips brings us closer to the action. Watching sports on tv or at the venue becomes a more immersive experience. It is less of a sitting around and watching and more thinking of how it must feel. Imagining ball going towards you in the speeds upwards of 200km/h. The speed that we are not likely to experience, because we are not permitted to drive at such high speeds on our public roads.

The system that IBM deployed is cloud-based so it gathers the data in real-time. The coaches are now able to asses the situation and adjust the coaching accordingly. There are some instances when this can be used in-game. One of those is Davis Cup team competition where the coach sits alongside the player and coaches in the breaks between gems and sets.

IBM working together with USTA

IBM has a longstanding relationship with the US tennis association. They have been working with them to fine-tune the system and make sure that it provides value to the coaches. Primarily the youth coaches. But I can see that if the data is useful, everyone wanting to use it.

Proving grounds – US Open 2019  

IBM is working with the Tennis association in the US, As a result, IBM chose the US open grandslam as the first venue to showcase the new technology. That one is underway as we speak and will conclude on the 8th of September.

Head over to the official website of the US Open to see the new system in action. 

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