How I almost bought a smartwatch

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Hi Everyone,

let me tell you something about a smartwatch that I wanted to have and why I changed my mind about it.

I want this!

I would call myself a technology nerd. So I was very excited when a smartwatch came out it was rather expensive at first but now it got pretty affordable.

Even to the extent that I could justify buying it. When I am excited about buying new stuff. I am always weighing the options. Considering the use cases and the pros of the device in question. If I find good reasons to buy something, I pull the trigger on it.

Avoiding a future regret

There are a couple of things out of the usual order.

1) I do not ware watch

2) I am disabled so looking at the watch while walking would not make sense.

3) the sensors measuring bodily functions are inaccurate

Do I need a smartwatch after all?

The short answer to this question would be... no.

Let me expound on some of the marketing strategies that sellers use to convince us that we need what they are offering.

1) The seller makes hype about how bombastic and important the item is.

2)They are underlining only the benefits of the thing they are selling.

3)They play on your FOMO string - Everybody else has it, I do not want to miss out on this so I am getting it even as I do not need it at all.

4) The cool kid factor - I am so cool that I have this new stuff that most of my friends never even heard of.


I would recommend avoiding impulse buy at all cost. When somebody tries to sell you stuff very fast without giving you time to ask questions, it raises suspicion. Reserve the right to take time to answer.

You are never obligated to say yes to anything that is offered to you.

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