How free software makes money?

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Hi everyone,

today I will explain to you how it is possible to get some software completely free.

Need for a software

Everything we want to do on our computers or smartphones requires software. The software makes the device in question useful. Without the software, we would not be able to enjoy our favorite TV shows. We would not be able to listen to our favorite music or do anything on the internet. Even our household appliances require software to run. So that when you turn the volume nob on your Hi-Fi the chip inside would know that it needs to change the volume of the sound. The cost of this software is included in the price of the Hi-fi.
In this day and age, there is a lot of incentive to find a software that if used properly can make money for us. A good example would be a software that lets us upload stuff to Youtube and other social media. It does not make money directly, but gives us the tools we need to make profit.


Find cheap software

When we are looking for software to help us do what we need, most of us probably look for free or cheap software that does exactly what we need. The website I am using to find the best software for the job is . The reason I feel we are looking for such a software is that we want to make sure that we make more money by using it, than what we spend getting a licence for it. So for me it seems only fitting that for the personal home use we would be looking for a software that is free and does just the one specific thing we need. It is easier to "bite the bullet" and pull out some cash from my pocket if I know I am going to make money

Even if all the software companies try to tell you that there is no catch in the free option they offer you, there is still a couple of things to be aware of.

Software companies gathering our data

Some companies give you free software in exchange for your email or they might require you to create a user profile on their site. The software is free and would have been free even without your email but these companies would not give it to you.

I find this approach great because you probably did research and want the software. Maybe you would also be interested to know what are some of the upcoming features. You would not be able to know if you would not give your contact information.

I am really happy that for most of these free software offers you are not required to give credit card information.

The only place where I think it makes sense to give credit card information is in case of financial services or a long term subscription for a paid service.

Free software trials

Even in the case of software trials, you might be asked to give your credit card information in exchange for the setup of automatic recurring payments until you stop them.

Trial means to try out. That might take two main forms.

1) The software is fully functional and has a time limit when the time limit expires, the software can no longer be used or some functions are no longer available. That is until you pay for some kind of a subscription.

Premium software packages

This premium software version offers a great value worth considering. I like the fact that in this day and age there are a lot of online cloud-based services that give you the tools you need to get started with what you want to do. In cases of business-related software, it comes to a point when you can earn enough money to afford the premium package.

And also since you have already been happily using the services of that cloud-based software I see no reason to abruptly end the working relationship.

In-app advertisements

I have deliberately chosen to leave this option as the last resort because I find it the most annoying.

The in-app advertisement is most often seen on our phones. Almost every single free app has some form of advertisement included. Be it a banner that is permanently displayed or be it videos or audio adverts being played on a regular base. Sometimes on its own at other times triggered by user activity.

You might sometimes voluntarily watch an ad in exchange for in-game benefits or temporary possibility to activate a certain app feature

I also like the fact that in most cases you can turn the adds off by paying for the application that you are using.


I suppose that you understand this. Nothing that you read, watch, hear or play with could ever be provided with no cost on the side of the creator. So every creator needs some way to get the investment of time and money back.

You see that there are multiple ways to get the money back. I have exposed this so that you understand that the work of a software developer has not been provided without cost and that you would be willing to support the creators of things you use.

You can think of it this way. You are giving consent to receive a personalized advertisement for the things you already indicated that you want. Also when it comes to the in-app advertisement it is great because no money comes out of your pocket and you are still free to use the software.

So free software means an option to be free of commitment to pay out of my own pocket.

I hope you found this useful.

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