History of Samsung- on the way to the top

I am not able to directly compete with other online resources when providing the latest news at a very fast pace. So instead I chose to go sbout it in  my own way. Just as with anything else I do, I like to study and analyze things as I see them unfold in front of me.

I chose the go and learn about the history of smartphone manufacturers. Upon request from the community over on Twitter the first company I chose to talk about is Samsung.

When providing an overview of the history from the year the brand was established until the present time I will rely strictly on official resources and will provide my commentary to it.

Samsung as a whole is a big company whose products span into multiple markets. From household appliances like a washing machine to the big machinery used in construction. So for this history series, I will focus on what was back then called Samsung Electronics.

Sanyo helped Samsung learn the ropesSamsung Electronics is established

As it usually happens in the big companies, the leaders decided on the name Samsung Electronics by the means of voting. It is interesting to note two things here. Back in the day, such a decision did not require a big amount of people agreeing with each other. The official Samsung sources state that there were only 7 people who made the decision. 

Another thing that I find striking is that the process of putting the decision to practice took only 2 weeks. The name was decided on the 30th of December 1968 and the company Samsung Electronics was established on the 13th of January. It is striking especially when I take into account the experiences I had working for a couple of Fortune 500 companies. There, some business decisions require a lot of technical analysis and approval processes to be eventually applied. This whole process could take up to a couple of months. 

Also quite interesting and striking is the fact that even back in 1969 Samsung understood the need for continuous education of its employees. All the new hires were sent to other companies to observe and gain technical expertise

Diversification is the key

Samsung at first focused all the attention on meeting the needs of the monochrome TVs. They have first produced these in cooperation with other companies such as NEC and Sanyo. Samsung has eventually decided that it would be in their own best interest to set themselves apart by creating their portfolio of products. 

They also understood that they need to diversify the products they offer so that when demand for one of their product dips, the whole company would not go with it.

I see that the people at the helm of Samsung Electronics were very knowledgable about the risks that they have decided to take. 

Significant milestone reached

It took only 7 years since the time Samsung Electronics was born until they have created the 1 Millionth black and white TVs. By today's standards it may seem like quite a long time but considering that this was done over 40 years ago it seems impressive. It is even more impressive considering that it took only another two years, that is until 1978 when the company reached 5 Millon TVs.  

I believe that back then there was not much automation involved if any at all. Such a production then must have been involving a lot of manual labor.

I have great respect for the people who worked there towards achieving this important milestone.

In 2002 Samsung became the No 1 IT company according to Business Week.

In 2005 the milestone of 100 Million mobile phones was reached.

Investments into the future

As there was quite a bit of revenue in those TVs sold in the past years, Samsung was thinking about how to put the money to good use. They invested in building research and development facilities.

I see this as a great step forward towards making sure that Samsung Electronics as a company could innovate and grow even further.

Samsung entered the PC market

Part of the research was focused on creating semiconductors. These eventually made its way into their line of Personal computers. They started making these in 1983. From 1983 to 1988 they were able to sell 205 000 computers, out of which 70 000 where exported out of Korea.

Samsung at the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games in 1988 were organized in the South Korean city of Seoul. Samsung had the opportunity to provide technical equipment for sporting venues. They took it as a chance to advertise themselves in front of an international audience. This was a great way to expand the global reach of the brand.

Samsung DRAM breakthroughs 

In April 1985 Samsung developed the first 64k DRAM chip and it took only 3 months to reach 256K DRAM. It took another year and a half to develop the first 1 Megabyte DRAM chip. So that puts us in the year 1987.

On August 1. 1992 Samsung developed 1st ever 64 Megabytes DRAM chip. In August 1994, The first 256 Megabyte DRAM introduced. 

To be completely honest I did not know until today that Samsung had been so many times the 1st one to introduce a new DRAM chip. I always held the Taiwan based company TSMC as the superior microchip creator

Changes in the business structure

Samsung was for the first 20 years of its existence involved in a lot of different businesses. The leadership deemed it necessary to change the structure to clarify what each part of the business is focussed on.

As a result, 4 business units were created 

This structure change was meant to be a boost that would help them become the top 5 companies in the world when it comes to selling electronics.


Mobile telephone development 

In 1993 Samsung developed its first Mobile phone. It was very light at only 100 grams and they called it SH 700

1998 Samsung introduces their first flip phone it was called SCH-800.

Contract with US-based mobile Carrier Sprint has been signed

September 2010 Samsung Galaxy S announced. It did not take even a whole year for the S II to be announced. In May of 2012, you have S3 on the table.

if you want to see all the Samsung Galaxy S phones with their hardware specifications, see this

Moving forward to 2019 Samsung released their first 5G phone in the form of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

The most recent news in the world of Samsung mobile development is the release of the first-ever foldable smartphone They call it the Galaxy Fold

Samsung Develops a CPU

Samsung developed the first 1Ghz CPU. This was the fastest CPU on the market in 1999

In 2012 the First Exynos CPU was announced. Since then this series of CPUs powers the Galaxy S series of smartphones.


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