The following are just some of the goals I hope to achieve by providing my services to everyone interested.


Help others learn my native Czech language by teaching them the words and phrases most often used in real-life situations. I hope to spark interest in learning Czech by providing cultural and historical background to the country of my origin. I want to help everyone who plans to stay in the Czech republic for purpose of travel, studies business, or any other for as long as there is a desire on the side of the learner to put in the time end effort needed.


Help others learn English as their second language so that they may be confident when traveling or studying abroad. As I am currently studying in the UK I am acutely aware of the language requirements needed to be accepted into university studies.

With my language certification, I have the needed knowledge and I wish to help others prepare. That way I would be able to help lift some of the stress and pressure new students may feel when starting their study abroad.

I also hope to help everyone else who is trying to learn Eglish for other purposes, I intend to adjust the teaching methods to the person and the goal of their learning,


Helping to translate marketing materials, family history documents, and other non-legally binding documents so that people can expand their business into the Czech Republic, learn about their family history, or connect in any other way between the Czech republic and all English speaking countries.


Help raise awareness and understanding about disability and the need for inclusion by providing a platform of public speech plus answering questions. Attempt to assure better collaboration between disabled and able-bodied individuals


Help people achieve their goals and dreams by providing clear guidance and support through the process of developing a plan and completing planned targets.



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