Building a PC -part 1 – preparations

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On a lookout for a new device? Build a PC for yourself. Here are some things to consider before buying

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In his series, I will help you look into picking the computer parts which will work the best for you.

This first part is about questions you need to ask yourself when considering to buy a PC. It is also good to outline the benefits of building your pc.

Do I need a tower or a laptop?

To answer this question it would be great to have a comprehensive list of pros and cons.

Let us list the positive sight of both the PC and the notebook


- Portable
- Versatile - presentations, music production, the possibility of a touch input
- Operating on battery,
- Low power consumption


- Fully customizable
- Highly upgradable
- Powerful - capable of doing all that you build it for
- Cheaper than notebook
- Can be connected with almost anything

What am I going to use it for?

To be clear. For me the PC tower is more usable, If built correctly the components do not overheat. The performance is what you expect and it is easy to troubleshoot. Doing a bios reset is a lot easier when you have access to a motherboard.

I have seen way too many notebooks struggling with heat output from the powerful components inside.
Some of the cooling solutions involve extra fan which is part of a docking station. The most old-school way I have seen laptop cooled was with the old books.

Even as I do not prefer using a laptop I understand that there are some situations when the portability or a notebook is just the most important thing. I cannot imagine DJ/ Music produced without a laptop on stage. Also if you think of going into journalism of any kind a laptop is a must. Also, programmers and IT personnel prefer notebooks thanks to the portability and ability to wirelessly connect to other devices.

On the other hand, if you look for something to play games, edit photos and videos you should settle for a PC it will save you a lot of trouble and time.


If you chose the option of buying PC, then stick around for the other parts of this series. I will be talking about each component of a PC build and all the things that you need to know to build a computer that is built to last.

You might be wondering where I get the courage to talk about this. It is in fact because I have been picking parts for my last 3 computers and they all lasted 3-5 years and would last longer if I did not feel like replacing them.

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