7 simple ways to earn cryptocurrencies

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Hi everyone,

You would have to be living under a rock to not hear anything about Cryptocurrencies. I know quite many people who made a good amount of money by working with crypto.

Today I am going to show you how to get some crypto to work with.

For most of these, you will need a computer/ mobile that is connected to the internet as well as a so-called crypto wallet It is very easy to get one. Whichever of these options you use, the information on where to obtain a wallet is going to be readily available to you


Free ways to earn


1) reward

These days there are social media platforms like minds.com which will reward you with a cryptocurrency for posting content on their social media site. The more engagement the content receives the bigger the reward you will get. If you are interested consider checking them out here.

2) airdrops

Each cryptocurrency needs some way to engage with potential users of the currency. One of the tools that are used as airdrops. An airdrop means that some people who visit a certain page or click a certain link would be rewarded with the respective currency.

In order for the currency to be widely used, there must be a certain level of randomness and also the airdrop must be easy to access. Some of the requirements for taking part in the airdrop might be to follow a social media account related to the project or just a share a link to the website with a certain amount of people. There are sites on the interwebs dedicated to listings of active airdrops. So go here to check them out before they expire.


3)Discord bots

Before I got involved with Crypto I did not even know what Discord was. It was later when I was told that gamers use Discord to share tips, tricks and insights about their favorite game.

Almost all cryptocurrencies utilize this platform. I believe because they want to attract the younger generation of possible adopters.

Discord uses bots as places where people put in simple keywords or strings of text in order to get something in return.

There are quite a bit of different kinds of bots that can be used on respective discord channels. The one bot that we are interested in now is called a tip bot. To learn more about how the tip bot works. Visit this page.

You might now be asking yourself Now as I know what the discord bot is, how do I get to use one?

It is pretty simple.

You need an invite link to one of the discord channels that has the tip bot.

There are basically two ways to get to the tipbot.

One is going through the webpages of all currencies hoping to find a discord link. and the simpler one is to accept an invite that somebody has sent you.

If you choose the first option go to Coinmarketcap and look through the list of coins there.

If you chose the easier option to follow the link here to get to the project that I am already involved in.

4) promotion links

It works similar to any other kind of promotion links but it is specifically with Coinbase that they give you $10 that you can spend on any of the cryptocurrencies that are available on their platform. They also have a website called Coinbase Earn where you are able to learn about different crypto projects and earn some of the coins as a reward for taking the time to learn about them.


Almost free ways to earn


5) mining

Mining simply means getting a reward for solving matematical operations by your computer hardware. There are 3 different pieces of hardware which can be used for mining cryptocurrency


a)CPU - when the project is starting or the task at hand is not so complex even your CPU can be used.


b)GPU - Graphics card in your computer is pretty powerful when it comes to crunching numbers

C)ASIC miner - ASIC stands for the application-specific integrated circuit. This means that the hardware can be used solely for mining and nothing else

6) staking

Staking is closely related to your crypto wallet. If you have some coins already in the wallet and you leave the wallet program running you get a reward from time to time. in this process, your wallet serves as a connection point for all the other people using the coin.


Pay to take part


7) buying from an exchange

The quickest way to acquire large sums of cryptos is through buying it on the exchange.

Not every coin is available on all the exchanges. Here is the list my favorite ones to use






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