The 10 best iOS 13 features

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Apple introduced quite a few new features in IOS 13. They affect almost all the apps which come pre-installed on your iPhone. Because of all this, I chose to talk about just 10 features which I consider the best in IOS 13 

As every one of us has different preferences the list will be in no particular order. I ordered this list based on my personal preference as a current Android user. Some of these features might be so compelling for you that you might consider switching to iOS.

I have been interested in iOS since Apple released its version 9. I have been watching the development for quite some time and was generally skeptical of the decisions Apple made. Specifically when it comes to the quality of camera placements and functionality of the software being slightly behind in comparison to Android. These 10 features show that sometimes it is better to be late to the party so that you have time to prepare the refreshments.

1)Dark mode

I selected dark mode as the first item on the list because it means a lot to me.  So you might say that it is one of the key features of IOS 13 for me. I am used to having to switch to the dark mode on the app to app basis because I like to save my sight when looking at the phone at night. The native support of Dark mode is something that I am looking forward to. The dark mode will be an integral part of the upcoming Android 10 update. I am happy to see that the iPhone users will be also getting a similar treatment. Maybe sometimes in the future, we will have an opportunity to test which implementation of a Dark mode is better.

2)Fotos on this day

The Foto of the Day feature seams to be a great way to remind us what we have been doing say a year ago. I  take quite a few pictures in different places as I travel and join together with groups of my friends. Such a function would be a great way to remind myself of what I have done

Knowing that similar feature is implemented in Facebook memories I see no reason this could not be done on the phone


3)Video Editing

It is great to see that the power of iPhone hardware put to good use. Specifically, because shooting videos and pictures are some of the reasons that I bought my phone.

I am interested to see how comfortable it is to do some video editing directly on the phone.

4)Foto lighting

When the lighting in the picture is correct it makes the important parts stand out. So I like the fact that now you can work with the photo lighting right after you took the shots.


5)App location

Security is very important to me. Therefore what happens in the background is one thing I always want to have control over, That way I can prevent security breaches or at least try to do so.

With the new IOS 13, you can see which apps are using your location even if you do not actively use them.


6)Voice assistants integrated with Maps

As most of us at least occasionally use the maps on our phones to get places, it is great to see that the recent improvements to Siri make it an even more seamless and enjoyable experience. Siri learned that giving directions according to the traffic lights and intersections is better than to rely on distance.


7)Converse with your phone 

The interaction with the phone becomes less about giving a robot some instructions. Rather it turns into human interaction. While it may be scary to some of us it flows more natural and looks less awkward in public.

As a disabled person, I would very much like to have the option to converse with my phone instead of having to pull it out from my pocket any time I want to check my notifications or call some of my friends. I am on a lookout for a good headset and I see that connecting it with an iPhone would make a total sense.


8)Speech-language recognition

The AI is an integral part of the Operating system, as such, it only makes sense to use AI in making sure that the devices can be used by people from different countries. Due to the fact that you had to manually switch languages before speaking to phone in that respective language some people might not find the speech feature useful. Therefore employing the AI in this seems like the best possible solution

Say for example that you usually write in English but want to make a note in French. If you dictate the note, Siri will be able to recognize the language you are speaking. No need to set anything up.

9)Accessibility improvements 

I am really happy to see that Apple makes it easier for people with disabilities to use their devices. Especially because I know people like the man in the below video. See the below video for a good overview of accessibility features.


10)External drive support

Since my first Smartphone, I hoped that I would one day be able to connect my external drive to my smartphone to my phone to do some quick backup.

3 reasons to switch to Apple

1)A long list of new features with IOS updates

There is a couple of things with the iOS 13 that made me consider looking into it even further. One of them was the long list of features that were introduced as part of the update. Mainly because Android does not seem to be making that many changes from one version to the next.

2)Longterm software support

Another notable thing for me is the extended update support ranging back to iPhone 6s. Apple released iPhone 6s back in 2014 which is 5 years ago. I believe that some of the Android smartphone manufacturers could take note of this and keep supporting their phones for more than 2 to 3 years.

You can check the list of phones eligible for the latest Android 10 here.

3)Low starting price related to software support

Apple seemed to have been notorious for the high prices of their phones and all the other devices. Therefore seeing that iOS 13 runs on 5-year-old iPhone 6s was a surprise to me. This decision makes the platform accessible to a lot more people even in the emerging markets.

I say that as I checked the price of iPhone 6s. At the time of writing this blog post the price of refurbished, I phone 6s is below $200.

In the beginning, I voiced my skepticism about some of the decisions Apple has made in the past. This list of the top 10 features of IOS 13 should, therefore, stand as a witness that my opinion was changed. All that it took for me to turn from skeptic to optimist was looking deeper into what Apple has to offer. I have certainly not become a fanboy of Apple products but I come out of this willing and able to pay respect where the respect is due.

What are the features that you are most excited about?

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